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Folk Meeting / Festival Country

Folk meeting dans les années 60 aux U.S.A. (Massachusetts) ;

à droite, Buffy Sainte-Marie célèbre aujourd'hui (en arrière plan : l'auteur !)

Folk festival de Hartford (Connecticut) dans les années 60



Trouvé sur Internet, allusion aux personnes rencontrées pendant la période du Folk revival aux U.S.A.

(Rick) " Lee's family moved back to the Northeast when he was a teenager, and he wound up at Amherst College in Massachusetts just as the 1960s folk revival was gathering force. A college roommate, Andy Leader, had learned banjo techniques and songs from Hedy West, and soon Lee and Leader were working as a coffeehouse duo.
"We were really into the New Lost City Ramblers, who were really good at putting people on to their
sources," Lee recalled. "They'd tell you where they learned the material, which was mostly from old commercial recordings. So we tried to track down sources. This became an obsession during my college
During his sophomore year at Amherst, a group of area college students, who included Bill Keith, Jim Rooney, Buffy Sainte-Marie, and the young bluesman who would become Taj Mahal, organized the Pioneer Valley Folklore Society, an organization that sponsored both concerts and a lot of informal picking sessions. It was an exciting and diverse group that introduced Lee to a lot of music, and while still a student he became its second president."

Extrait de Dirty Linen N°84 (Octobre-Novembre 1999).

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Andy Leader et Dave Beaver, lors d'un enregistrement de folk songs dans mon émission sur WAMF.5 (Massachussets.USA)